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about us.

Sullivan Communities is a vertically integrated real estate investment, management and community development firm specializing in the rehabilitation and stabilization of distressed multi-family assets. Our investment strategy employs the science and art of revitalizing distressed assets to maximize investor returns and provide measurable impacts to our residents.

Founded in 2016, Sullivan Communities is a unique firm offering both traditional purchase and partnership options for property owners looking to reduce their financial risk while maintaining an interest within their property. We primarily acquire distressed B and C class buildings and complexes that require operational, financial and at times community value-adds. We select based on our ability to generate investors above-market returns in cities and towns that historically have steady economic conditions.


Our focus.

Create Long-Term Wealth For Our Clients Through Real Estate Investing
Asset Management

Revitalizing distressed multi-family properties through strict management of capital investment plan.

Generational Wealth

Providing liquid investment opportunities to increase investors wealth and options.

Opportunity Zone Investments

Stimulate economic activity in selected areas across the country with no capital gain exposure.

Partnership vs. Purchase

We invest our capital into your property to address issues and work as your partner to stabilize the community.

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Our team.

Teamwork makes the dreams work.
Michael Brown

Founder / CEO

Gib Dunham



Sullivan in detail

Providing annualized returns averaging > 10% CAP rates and > 15% Cash-on-Cash Returns

22 Units – Joint Venture (Monticello, NY)

Initial: inconsistent cash flow & over 30% of units non-operational. Current:  99% Occupied, tenant waiting list. Increased Cash Flow: 31%.


12 Units – Purchase – (Newark, NJ)

Initial: Rents @ 23% below market rate, all units required renovations. Current: 7 of 12 units renovated. NOI increased by 34%.



15 Units – Purchase 2015 (Newburgh, NY)

Initial: Significantly distressed buildings all requiring rehab including mechanicals. Current: Addressed deferred maintenance & Sold in 2017. ROI: 28%


16 Units & 1 Laundromat – Joint Venture (Swan Lake, NY)

Initial: Significantly distressed buildings, inconsistent cash flow with 70% non-operational units. Current: Stabilized by end of 2018.


Investment Options

Every transaction is unique to the your goals now and in the future.

Why Select Us?

Get Involved in owning Multifamily Real Estate with 13-15% yields and 25-30% IRR’s

Sullivan has $2.4M AUM through 50 units producing an average ROI of +15% and 20-30% returns on capital improvements.


SUllivan’s niche acquisition strategy focuses on submarkets where new construction is limited and quality housing is needed.


Our investment strategy employs the science and art of revitalizing distressed assets to maximize returns and provide impacts to residents. 


Success come when the community wins. We work with local organizations and charities  to hire local residents and companies to maintain our properties.

Strict Repositioning Process

Sullivan plans, plans and implements a full cycle repositioning plan to maximize the asset’s yield and provide direct impact to our residents.

Tax Driven

Investment strategy is lead by ROI, tax benefits and long-term value. Most of Sullivan’s investments are located in tax friendly Opportunity Zones.

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