Partnership Strategy

Maximize Returns through Creativity and Adding Value


What We Do

Sullivan Communities is a vertically integrated real estate investment, management and redevelopment firm specializing in the rehabilitation and stabilization of distressed multi-family assets. We have a proven track record of driving value for our partners, investors and communities through sound capital investments, forward-thinking asset management and meticulous property management.

We are a unique firm offering traditional and partnership options for property owners to increase their wealth without increasing their financial risk. Founded in 2015, Sullivan Communities has provided real estate financial solutions to both owners and investors, returning consistent above market results since inception.  Focusing on tertiary markets within Norther NJ and Upstate NY we have positioned our firm to fully capitalize and leverage in-house property management to control 100% of our assets while simultaneously realizing significant operational efficiencies and asset appreciation.

Our strategy employs the science and art of revitalizing distressed assets in targeted edge neighborhoods within the vicinity of gentrifying areas that contain well-established transit, employment and commercial hubs. We look for opportunities to build critical mass through proximity acquisitions and to implement proactive management to the asset while maximizing value, mitigating risk and delivering superior results.

We acquire primarily distressed B and C class assets that require operational, financial and at times community value-adds. We select based on our ability to generate risk-adjusted returns in locations that produce historically steady economic conditions. We leverages our local reputation, capital, access to off-market listings, in-depth market research and vertically integrated structure to provide consistent returns to our investors.

Our Unique Value:
Sullivan Communities offers traditional and partnership options for multifamily owners. Through our unique approach to asset management we can perform traditional purchases and establish partnerships with property owners to achieve increased cash flow

Utilizing our capital and meticulous community management process we partner with property owners to quickly address deferred tenant and maintenance issues. We ensure our interest are aligned, as our goal, like yours is to increase cash flow, improve the property’s value and reduce risk.


Property Owners

  • 1

    Keep your Assets

    Sullivan Communities short and long-term partnerships provide you the ability to keep your assets on your terms.

  • 2

    Increase Your Wealth

    Unknown to most, many distressed multi-family properties have the potential to increase revenue by at least 15- 25% through capital improvements and improved management.

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    Remain In Control

    As your partner decisions are made - as partners. Prior to getting started, Sullivan Communities provides a detailed operation plan geared towards increasing wealth and revenue.

Real estate is an effective tool for financing your financial goals, if managed right. But, many times – time is not on your side. For multiple reasons properties slip into disrepair, thus losing opportunities to make more money and increase wealth. Partnering with Sullivan Communities is the retirement solution to pass on your generational assets with confidence. Through wise investments we provide the necessary capital and partnership options to increase your passive income and allow you to take full advantage of the generational wealth and tax benefits multifamily properties provides.

Contact us to discuss your multifamily properties and how a partnership with Sullivan Communities would best server your wealth and retirement goals.