Build Generational Wealth

Unlike cryptocurrency, multi-family real estate – when managed right – will pay you for generations.


The simple fact it – that it is a Real Asset.

Sullivan Communities provides both standard investment opportunities and unique short and long-term partnerships structures to increase our investors wealth. Investors can invest in specific opportunities through Sullivan’s Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) and provide equity towards  a specific investment and/or become debt partners and receive a consistent above market return. As investors ourselves, each scenario is unique to the investment, please contact us for more detail.

For current property owners looking to reduce there risk and financial burden we provide unique short and long-term partnerships structures to maximize your asset’s value.  When partnering with Sullivan, we invest our capital to address deferred maintenance and legal issues. Additionally we implement best-practice property management standards to stabilize the asset(s) and improve tenancy and the overall community. But, we don’t stop there. As your partner we continue to remain active and work side by side to increase cash flow and identify opportunities for future growth.

Once we have completed our agreed upon repositioning plan, you can choose to remain partners with us for the long term, sell the improved asset, or take back full control once improved…remember it is your asset – so it is your call.  Check out our track record: Shore Garden Apartments & Swan Lake Apartments

Contact us to discuss your wealth building goals.