Reduce Risk

Mismanaged properties are risk-unrealized. Our management process and capital is just the first step to risk mitigation.

Sullivan’s successful risk mitigation strategy of targeted capital upgrades and strict tenant management drive rent growth and reduce revenue threats for our assets. This methodology provides our clients a strong foothold regardless of market swings translating to above market bottom-line results.

  • Experienced acquisition, repositioning, sale and management of multifamily and mixed-use assets.
  • Niche acquisition strategy focused on submarkets where new construction is limited and asset classes resistant to significant market fluctuations.
  • Long-term hold investors (7+ years) we buy properties with cap rates in excess of the cost of debt to take advantage of low interest rates & the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017.
  • Historically our investment process produces on average a stabilized return of > 10% CAPs and/or > 15% Cash-on-Cash

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